Functional Health Reports Reveal So Much More Than Traditional Diagnostic Reporting

Your Functional Health Report works by analyzing results from your blood test. It identifies your body’s unique biochemical patterns and provides an individualized health improvement plan. Every recommendation is based on your body’s unique biochemistry and backed by published medical research.

Personalized Information = Better Decisions


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Many integrative medicine clinicians and researchers believe that the pathogenesis of mental health disorders consists of a complex interplay between genetic, environmental toxin exposures and imbalance of the immune system. Significant food immunological reactions, gastrointestinal disturbances and nutritional imbalances are frequently discovered in individuals with mental health disorders. At the molecular level, oxidative stress, inappropriate methylation, inflammation and decreased energy production (i.e. mitochondrial dysfunction) are common findings.

The basic clinical approach to a person suffering from mental health disorders is to ascertain which nutritional, environmental, social and psychological factors are involved in the disease process. It’s also important to assess for the following contributing factors via laboratory testing:

• Nutritional deficiency (vitamin and mineral esp. zinc and selenium)

• Blood sugar dysregulation

• Hormonal factors involving reproductive hormones and adrenal hormones (stress hormones)

• Allergy and food sensitivity

• Thyroid function

• Vitamin D level

• Proper methylation 

• Gastrointestinal function

• Environmental toxics especially heavy metal toxicity and pesticides

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